The Constitution gave us a great nation.  Yet, the founders believed that it stopped short of protecting the inherent Rights that all men and women were born with - endowed by their Creator!  Therefore, after much deliberation and discussion, they delivered to the PEOPLE, the BILL OF RIGHTS!  These Amendments to the the Constitution of the United States of America provide protection against a TYRANNICAL and unjust Government.  

OHIO SAYS NO promises... to RISE, STAND and DEFEND your INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, your PERSONAL  LIBERTY, and the power of the Great State of Ohio as guaranteed under the 10th Amendment!


 Ten Amendments

These first ten amendments to the Constitution became known as the Bill of Rights and still stand as both the symbol and foundation of American ideals of individual liberty, LIMITED GOVERNMENT, and the rule of law. Most of the Bill of Rights concerns legal protections for those accused of crimes. 

1st Amendment:  
Freedom of speech, Freedom of the press, Freedom of religion, Freedom of assembly, Right to petition the government

2nd Amendment: 
Right to bear arms

3rd Amendment: 
Protection against housing soldiers in civilian homes

4th Amendment: 
Protection against unreasonable search and seizure.  Protection against the issuing of warrants without probable cause

5th Amendment: 
Protection against trial without indictment, double jeopardy, self-incrimination, property seizure

6th Amendment: 
Right to a speedy trial, Right to be informed of charges, Right to be confronted by witnesses, Right to call witnesses, Right to a legal counsel

7th Amendment: 
Right to trial by jury

8th Amendment:  
Protection against excessive bail, excessive fines, cruel and unusual punishment

9th Amendment: 
Rights granted in the Constitution shall not infringe on other rights.

10th Amendment: 
Powers not granted to the Federal Government in the Constitution belong to the states or the people.